Dennis Núñez

PhD (c) in AI and Neuroimaging. CEA / Inria / Université Paris-Saclay

The importance of Education in the World

//in process//

By: Dennis Núñez, January 2020.

Civilization, a key word that describe us as human beings, consists of the advanced social and cultual development and organization. In this sense, education helps to study, apply, conserve and trnsmit this development.

Over the years, education has been more important for each country and all people around the world. Indeed, education should be one of the transformation factors of a society.

Education allows to expane human knowleadge and be humans itself. Gives all people criterion for take better decisions at every stage of their lifes. Specially, education provides better engineers, better governments, better professionals. But no only better in knowleadge, also better as humans.

But education starts at home and continues in the school. If one of these two parts fails, education process has completely failed.

The problem of educaction in latinoamerica and most devepeloping countries is that both pillars, home and school, are not well stablished. Families present ethical and economic problems, and at the same time, structures and teachers are not well prepared.

Furthermore, globally, education proceess should be careful examined and emphizise in give to students the motivation to learn. Also, should encourage the self-taught learning.

Tn politics, education is very important because allow people to have a more critic evaluation ans selection of the rulers. On th other hand, it allows to the rulers a more common sense of the necessities of the population.