Dennis Núñez

PhD (c) in AI and Neuroimaging. CEA / Inria / Université Paris-Saclay

Run basic tests on Parallella Board

Test Xtemp

This tool allows you to view temperature Zynq with integrated on-chip sensors Zynq. Write the following command:

Fist clone the repository "parallella-utils" from github:

$ git clone

Then, go into the folder:

$ cd parallella-utils/xterm

Afet, build:

$ gcc -o xtemp xtemp.c -pthread -lX11 -Wall

After, look the files with $ ls and you will look the file **xtemp**, don't confuse with xtemp.c. Then execute:

$ ./xtemp

With the command above you will appreciate the graph of the temperature. (to viwe the graph you should connect through SSH with $ ssh -X parallella@



Test Mandelbrot (only on Parallella with HDMI image SD card)

Some of the examples will not run on the Parallella’s Linux X Window desktop. Instead, TTY (teletype) mode is required. This is the case of "mandelbrot".

Go into the folder:

$ cd parallella-examples/mandelbrot/


$ make


$ ./

Other Parallella Examples

As of this writing, the other programs in the parallella-examples repo can be run in a similar fashion. $ cd into the directory, run $ make, and then $ ./