Dennis Núñez

PhD (c) in AI and Neuroimaging. CEA / Inria / Université Paris-Saclay

Add Graphical Environment with Xephyr Disp. Server to Raspberry Pi

Requirements: Ubuntu PC and Raspberry Board.

Install Xephyr in your Ubuntu PC:

$ sudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr


Notice that my PC IP is, and Raspberry uses Obviously you have to adjust those to your values.

Check your IP here if you are using Ubuntu:

1.Open Xephyr

Launch Xephyr Server in your Ubuntu PC. Open a terminal and type:

$ Xephyr -ac -br -keybd ephyr,,,xkbmodel=pc105,xkblayout=es -noreset -screen 1280x720 :1

You can change the value 1280x720 to: 640x489, 1280x720, 1366x768, ...

2.Connect to Raspberry

Open a terminal in Ubuntu PC and type:

$ ssh -X pi@

3.Export Raspberry Display

In the terminal that you are connected to Raspberry, type:

$ export DISPLAY=

You just tell that DISPLAY should be run to the remote machine with the IP (my PC IP is and DISPLAY :1 which is the Xephyr Session. GNOME’s display should be :0, and is used.

4.Run XServer

In ssh terminal, that you are connected to Raspberry, try to run your graphical environment. I have a default LXDE.

$ startlxde

Another option for steps 2, 3 and 4

Instead of the points 2 and 3, in Ubuntu PC:

$ DISPLAY=:1 ssh -Y pi@

Then continue with step 4, in ssh terminal connected to Raspberry Pi:

$ startlxde


Start with Xephyr Display Server: